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Upper Body Band Workout if you're stuck at home!

Hello all! I sincerely hope you are safe and well, and with all of us stuck at home, I figured I'd make a simple routine for clients and friends that I would do myself, using a set of affordable resistance bands with handles I got off Amazon a long time ago. There's lots available, all less than $50 shipped and you can get a lot of use from them, as well as take them as backup when you travel.

I uploaded a video to YouTube for the first workout - this is for the upper body and I ran through it twice before filming, and honestly would've had trouble surviving the 3rd round if I had to do it live. Plus - BORING - so use this video just to help you understand the execution, but the nitty gritty is all written out for you. Stay healthy and be active!

Upper Body Bands with handles circuit

Cardio warm up for 5 minutes before workout - 5-10 minutes of walking

15-20 reps per exercise, move from one to the next, no rest. Repeat the whole circuit 3 times.

Squeeze as hard as you can on every rep, make sure you are using the band with adequate tension.

I used the 25lb band and 15-20 was difficult for me, so adjust your band after the first set of back - if it’s too easy, go to a heavier band, and if you can barely get 20 you are on the right track. Ideally, you should fail near the end of every exercise in the circuit and if you squeeze hard enough each rep, you will.

Finishing with PushUps is very difficult so don’t be surprised to fail on those earlier than you think. If you can't get at least 5, adjust by pushing from your knees or just descending slowly then resetting any way you can.

1. Straight arm lat row pushdown (LATS)

2. Reverse Flyes (Rear DELT and Upper BACK)

3. Face Pulls with Shoulder Press (DELTOIDS)

4. Bicep curl (BICEPS)

5. Chest flyes (PECS)

6. Overhead Tricep extensions (TRICEPS)

7. Shoulder Press (DELTOIDS)

8. PushUp (Whole Upper Body)

REPEAT 3 Times

Go To for more information and workout/nutrition!

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