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Lower Body Workout at Home

Hello again! Here is the follow up video for the lower body circuit. Just like the upper body, don't rest between exercises, and do this 3 times and you're done for the day. Then right back to upper body the day after. Keep it up - you can do it!

Lower Body Circuit

Cardio warm up for 5 minutes before workout - 5-10 minutes of walking

Move from one exercise to the next, no rest. Repeat the whole circuit 3 times.

Squeeze as hard as you can on every rep, make sure you are using the band with adequate tension.

Ideally, you should fail near the end of every exercise in the circuit and if you squeeze hard enough each rep, you will.

Bodyweight squats (20-25 with heels down)

Single leg deadlift (10 per leg, touch heel)

Reverse lunges (10 per leg)

Calves (15 per leg)

(3 times)

Finish with 15-30 min walking outside

Go To for more information and workout/nutrition!

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